About Us

Shahtaj Textile Limited is a Shahnawaz Group Company. It was incorporated as a public limited company in January 1990, with the sole purpose of manufacturing grey fabric and its marketing.The company is listed at Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. The mills went into commercial production in January 1992
Its production facilities are situated in the hub of Textile Industries near Lahore (Pakistan) and is equipped with the most advanced high speed Toyoda and Picanol Air Jet Looms of Japanese and Belgium origin. Starting with 72 looms now the number of installed looms is 179 with complete back up process and stand-by self power generation.

Its business philosophy has been to be the supplier of choice for leading processing and export houses in Pakistan. Over the last 31 years of operations Shahtaj Textile Limited, has established its reputation in Pakistan as a premier supplier of highest quality greige fabric to key exporters besides exports to many foreign buyers.

Shahtaj Textile Limited has always aimed at achieving and sustaining a reputation for quality both in domestic and export markets by supplying its products on schedule and totally conforming to the agreed specifications with its customers.

At Shahtaj Textile Limited great care and emphasis is laid on strict quality control, while maintaining a healthy balance between production and efficiency without compromising on quality.

As per the requirement of the customer American Society for Quality Control System (ASQC) 4 points system is normally enforced and each piece of grey fabric is thoroughly checked by our skilled cloth inspectors.

All these efforts are paying and company has a good track record of earnings and paying dividends. Last year (2022/2023) company earned about Rs.153.018 million profit after tax and paid 65% cash dividend.


Audit Committee of the Board

Mr. Aamir Amin
Mr. Muneer Nawaz
Mr. Toqueer Nawaz
Mr. Muhammad Usman Khalid      
Mr. Abid Nawaz
Mr. Jamil Ahmed Butt

Team Members

481 dedicated employees in various categories Under guidance of following key personnel.
Lt. Col. (Retd.) R.D. Shams 
Mr. Rashid Mahmood 
Mr.Amir Ahmed
Senior Advisor
Director Operations
Chief Financial Officer

Chief Executive

Mr. M. Naeem

Date of Birth: 01.01.1940

Education: B.Sc., LLB, M.A.,


He joined Shahnawaz Ltd. in 1967 and assumed responsibilities of Managing Director in 1972. He is also C.E. of Shahtaj Textile Ltd. since inception. He is also on the Board of Directors of all group companies.

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Amir Ahmed

Date of Birth: 18.06.1984

Education: B.Com., Associate Chartered Accountant(FCA)


He joined Shahtaj Textile Ltd., as Assistant General Manager Finance in May 2013 and later promoted to CFO in July 2015. Earlier he worked for 2 years as Assistant General Manager Accounts in Alpha Insurance Company Limited.